Sometimes fear holds us back. The fear of retaliation, the fear of being shunned, the fear that our students will be mentally and maybe even physically harmed.   

The only thing more harmful, is not holding those that are charged with ensuring a fair and equitable education system for our students ACCOUNTABLE for doing the job they are being paid a fair wage to do with OUR TAX DOLLARS.

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California Department of Education (CDE) References

CA Ed Code

California Education Code section 49011(b)(4) states:
A school district or school shall not offer course credit or privileges related to educational activities in exchange for money or donations of goods or services from a pupil or a pupil’s parents or guardians, and a school district or school shall not remove course credit or privileges related to education activities, or otherwise discriminate against a pupil, because the pupil or the pupil’s parents or guardians did not or will not provide money or donations of goods or services to the school district or school.

CA Department of Justice

Under certain circumstances, California consumers may recover money they paid for travel services not provided by a registered seller of travel. For more information, see "Consumer Refunds".


If you are solicited for business or otherwise encounter a company arranging travel that is not currently registered as a seller of travel, please let us know. Send the name of the company and other contact information you may have to the Seller of Travel Program.


If you prefer, you can find out whether a seller of travel is registered by contacting CADOJ at:


Mailing Address
Seller of Travel Program
Department of Justice
300 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: (213) 269-6564
Fax: (213) 897-8846

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