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Seeking out what good looks like

Empowerment comes in all forms. The question for our great State of California is: When are we going to hold our public schools accountable for truly understanding the cost to serve students and what is truly needed to serve them.

Here are some stories from the past couple of years that demonstrate the culture of fear that parents are forced to endure:

State officials tell Irvine school to offer parents refunds to those who paid for class parties, sweatshirts and science camp

Parents fight Rowland Unified over transportation fees

Ongoing investigation focused on Torrey Pines High baseball

Now the Public School System is Shutting out Diversity

Hawking poinsettias to pay for high school extracurriculars

When foundation appeals cross the line​

LCFF provides an avenue to show the true cost to serve students. It is time that our school leaders step up and look to the model of what good looks like. No LEA is perfect but there are districts out there that lessen the burden on families by truly determining how to serve their student population and looking to families financially as a VERY last resort.

Send us your thoughts on WHAT GOOD LOOKS LIKE

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