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Atascadero District Teachers Put STUDENTS FIRST

According to the Article by Lindsey Holden of the The Tribune News

In Summary Teachers said Students should come before the Administration. In turn, the school board did the right thing and directed $25,000 in proposed Administration Bonuses to much needed school supplies, taking the financial burden off families and teachers to provide the supplies necessary to provide a Pupil Fee FREE education that our Great State Constitution Guarantees.

It was not without secrets:

During negotiations, Williams said the teachers were told there were no additional funds available for salary increases. She said teachers were recently surprised to learn that management and contracted employees were to receive the $25,421 one-time payment, also equal to eight-tenths of a percent of their salaries and benefits. In fact, four groups of district employees received a similar one-time payment.

“The district never said, ‘This MOU is your percentage of what the board has authorized us to offer,’” Williams said. “They told us there was no money.”

Recently, Governor Jerry Brown proposed the Omnibus Education Trailer Bill to make school districts more accountable for aligning expenditures to programs. It should be no surprise that the School Administrators pushed back; they seemingly despise transparency and accountability.

Kudos to the Governor and his team for working towards a more transparent system.

How can parents and communities get involved?

Road Map

1) Obtain a copy of your School Site Budget approved by the school board every year. This tells you what the School feels is important to fund and how much they are budgeting.

2) Review ED Data. The State has developed a very comprehensive roll up system of what all school districts spend their money on. Here is the link for Atascadero USD - http://www.ed-data.org/district/San-Luis-Obispo/Atascadero-Unified

3) If you do not understand something PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not be afraid to go to your school board and ask a question in public -- it is your right as a citizen to question those that are elected to protect tax payor dollars for the good of all our Students.

Trust when we say, if you have a question, you are not the only one. It just takes one person to be brave enough to step up and ask a question -- Look it will get another $25,000 for the benefit of students and not put in the pockets of bureaucrats.

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